The Open Stewardship Program was created with funds received from Open Bank to support various needs of many organizations that serve our communities. The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Open Bank are committed to the Open Stewardship Program and will evidence a commitment by donating ten percent of the Bank’s profits to the Open Stewardship Foundation each year.

Our commitment means that we will actively support local civic organizations, schools, and public services, in order to help ensure the continuation and growth of quality services in the communities we serve. This includes support for Christian organizations that provide education, help for the needy, medical care, rehabilitation, food for the hungry, and other worthy services.

Purpose & Objective

The primary objectives and purposes of the Open Stewardship Program are to actively support local civic, Christian, and public service organizations and schools that advance education, help the needy, provide medical services, feed the hungry, or offer other charitable or public benefit services.

Through this program, the Open Stewardship Foundation hopes to extend and strengthen its ties to our communities and demonstrate that it sincerely wishes to enhance the overall health and welfare of our communities.


Eligible Organizations & Activities

– Civic non-profit organizations which provide direct health care, youth activities, elderly care, disabled persons care, women programs for special care needs, assisted living, or educational programs.

– Christian non-profit organizations which provide food, shelter, or career training, or serves underprivileged nations by providing agricultural, educational, or health assistance, and spiritual guidance.

– Non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Required Documents
– 2 years of most recent signed tax returns.
– 3 months of most recent bank statements.
– Comprehensive and detailed description of organization overview (Application Narrative).
– Comprehensive and detailed description of proposed program, project, and activity (with Projected Budget).
– 501(c)(3) tax identification documents for applicable non-profit organizations.

Non-Eligible Organizations & Activities

   – Political action committees.
   – For profit organizations or businesses.
   – Loans or program-related investments (e.g. gap/bridge funding, speculative activities, etc).
   – Fundraising events, dinners, or related activities.
   – Indiviudal church, seminary, or missionary.
   – Public media organizations (e.g. newspaper, radio, TV).